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September 1, 2005:  Added more stuff to the site

Now this is important If you qualify to vote on Newgrounds top Submissions for August, 2005 click here and vote #1 for Little Fighter Alpha Chapter 8! 

I recently fixed the Crew members page.  I added a few of the more active crew and fans.  There are over 180 Newgrounds fans although I don't have the time yet to update them all.  I've put all the banners I've ever received under the Crew members page.  I'm thinking of getting a new template.  The current one looks ugly.  I also am now using Nedstat.  This is just from one and 1/4 day.

Our fans come from all over the world.

1. United States 71 23.4 %
2. Taiwan 43 14.2 %
3. Singapore 30 9.9 %
4. Canada 23 7.6 %
5. Hong Kong S.A.R. 19 6.3 %
6. Israel 15 5.0 %
7. Brazil 14 4.6 %
8. Germany 14 4.6 %
9. United Kingdom 8 2.6 %
10. Netherlands, The 7 2.3 %
Unknown 2 0.7 %
The rest 57 18.8 %  

August 27, 2005:  Back on top 10 search results! 

Yay!  Our site is finally back up to the top 10 rankings on the search results.  Someone on the Newgrounds BBS helped me make two Little Fighter Alpha banners, and  Shy_inuyasha helped me make one.  You guys can check it out here.  BBS sigs has to be limited to:

Max filesize: 40 Kb
Min file width: 20 pixels
Max file width: 400 pixels
Min file height: 20 pixels
Max file height: 60 pixels  

If you would like to help us make a banner e-mail it to me at anzrage@yahoo.com, and I'll post it on the site.

August 25, 2005:  Two new banners. 

Sonidow just recently helped me create two Little Fighter Alpha banners.

If you would like to help us make a banner e-mail it to me at anzrage@yahoo.com, and I'll post it on the site.  I don't know if it's just me because I just noticed Chapter 4 has gotten over 50,000 views.  Our site rankings have dropped to like 25 for the Little Fighter 2 search on Yahoo!  So I'm just going to update more often to have something for the fans to look at,  and fix the site up a bit.  I'm thinking of one day getting a better domain.  So I can have more space, and get rid of these damn banner ads.  Well the front page lasted about 5 days.  That's pretty good since we've been ignored for so long.  Not as long as many series, but good enough to get a few thousand more views.

August 21, 2005:  Fixing up site again 

So I  still haven't seen MaxR online yet.  I'm sure he does not know we got the front page yet.  It's a bit noticeable but not that much.  Chapter 7 finally got 50k views.  Chapter 1 is moving up pretty fast.  It's a series remember so surely when the Newgrounds see the first movie they won't look inward on the other movies.  I'm just being negative but it can also be true.  Either the first one was too slow and boring for them, and they are influenced by the first impression that the series isn't all that great.  Remember that is the first movie for the series, but understand the movies get better and better each Chapter.  I have been trying to use frames and such to make this site look better.  Still need to design buttons.  The bad thing is the banner ads.  They get in the way if I use frames.  They will make the main pages look way small.  The banner and directory takes up the room.  I'm also thinking of using a Nedstat.  

August 19, 2005:  Showcased on front page!   

So we reached 25,000 views for Chapter 8!  That's great but it's old news.  The big good news is that Newgrounds finally put our series on the front page!  We are labeled as the featured series!  Thank you Newgrounds!  

Sorry for that bad quality image.  How long it will stay I don't know.  I have absolutely no idea.  See our site brings traffic to Newgrounds.  We showcase their movies there and we link our movies directly to them.  We could put the movies here, but I just think Newgrounds would be a nicer place for it to be showcased at.  Newgrounds is growing and growing so it will reach out to more audiences.  

August 14, 2005:  50k views 

Yah! Our Chapter 1 finally reached a total of 50,000 views.  This site helped a lot getting the boost up of views.  Keeps the fans up to date.  Chapter 8 is still on the portal under the the past 20 daily winners, but it's slowly going further and further down till it will be out of the past 20.  Hopefully we will get a bit more reviews and get the 25,000 view award before it's gone.  I'm pretty sure it will happen though.

August 12, 2005:  Back around fall 

Well school is about to start so we got things to catch up with.  We will start on Chapter 9 hopefully around the fall.  I'm very happy with the number of views per day on this site.  Makes me feel like I've done my job well.  We are the first result on the yahoo search for keyword "little fighter alpha" and sixth result for "little fighter", and we are the forth result for "little fighter" but links to Newgrounds.  Anyways sign up for a Newgrounds account after clicking the tank logo on the home page.  We will be credited for your sign up.  Then start voting and reviewing our movies.  That way it shows you guys care.  I'll be back with more updates later.    

August 6, 2005:  Fixing up site 

Some how I accidentally got the index deleted when I changed a few things while editing the site.  Well now I fixed the index.  I don't know if it looks better, but it is a lot more organized.  The old index was kind of messy very unprofessional and going all crazy over the release of Chapter 8.  Yeah now I learned my lesson.  I'm going to save back ups for every page incase something like this happens again.  It took me a while to fix the pages.  So yeah sorry, but you guys didn't miss anything really the links to the movies still work.  The only thing that is going to be hard to fix is the other Little Fighter movies.  I'm going to have to find every movie back because some of them were deleted.  So I will have to fix that up hopefully by today.  I edited every page, so I will also be able to save them.

August 5, 2005:  Huge hits per day 

Wow thanks to Starsky Wong, and Marti Wong for adding our link to their site we've been getting more visitors per day.  Like 1,000 or more a day so far.  We'll see how long this will go.  Thank you all for supporting our movies.  We really appreciate you guys.  All your votes, and reviews count.  To show that you guys enjoyed the movie please review our movies or tell us what you think so we can improve on our next chapter.

Sad we dropped from Weekly 2nd to Weekly 3rd because of the messed up P-Bot system on Newgrounds.  Oh well that award is still pretty decent.  About Chapter 9 we are thinking more about the story and how we are going to do it, but we aren't sure when we will start on it.  First we're going to chill out after working so hard on Chapter 8.

August 4, 2005:  Chapter 8 out! 

It's been half a year since our last chapter, but we finally finished the long awaited Chapter 8.  No it didn't take us 6 months to make it, it took us a while to get motivated and started. This chapter has the most intense fight out of every chapter so far. I hope you will enjoy the new controller bar added for your own convenience. The fights are 75% FBF, although motion tween are used in walking and running.

I hope you enjoy the latest Chapter of the LFA series.


We won Daily feature and we're still waiting for our rightful weekly 2nd place.  This is something wrong with the portal and the updates are wrong.  None of the weekly awards have been handed out.  So I don't know what is going on.  Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Also special thanks to creators of Little Fighters Starsky Wong, and Marti Wong for adding our site to their links.

Special thanks to Tom Fulp for giving us our very own series page.

March 14, 2005:  Chapter 8 Delayed :( 

Yeah that's right Little Fighter Alpha Chapter 8 is being delayed, due to the fact that we're working on a even bigger project for Newgrounds, that may possibly give us fame, and a even greater name.  So when we submit chapter 8, we might get even better results.  I'm sorry for an inconvenience this may have on you.  We may change our mind, and just work on Chapter 8 during spring break.  We'll just have to see about that.  I'd like to say that I'm very glad that we still have some fans alive, not many left but still a couple.  I'm currently banned from the BBS, but if you'd like to ask any questions, you should do it there so everyone else with an audience of over 500,000.  Not really that many are actually active though.  Here is the link to our Little Fighter Alpha forum:  http://newgrounds.com/bbs/topic.php?id=216630 Go ahead and post, don't spam too much.  I won't be able to reply but MaxR could.


February 12, 2005:  Chapter 8 Starts! 

It has just been announced that the production of Chapter 8 will begin today!  We are just starting so we're planning everything out right now.  The menu, the extras, and more in-depth storyline.  Please check back daily, to check for our updates.  Remember to watch and review Chapter 7, you opinions matter to us.  http://newgrounds.com/portal/view/218003


February 9, 2005:  Fixing up the site 

Yeah so Chapter 7 is finished, now we can relax and celebrate, all the hard work paid off.  I've added PyronX's third chapter to the other little fighter movie section.  I fixed the staff page, movies page, about page.  I'm going to fix every page and make the site look a lot better.  We haven't yet planned when to work on Chapter 8.  Check back later for updates.


February 8, 2005:  Chapter 7 (War) A great success 

Today we submitted Chapter 7 (War).  If you haven't yet seen it here is the link http://newgrounds.com/portal/view/218003 .  It seems you guys really loved it.  We owe it all to the fans, because without your support, and if we didn't have any fans what's the point of making these movies, and who would help us?  So we thank you.  Here is the results of our movie.  We won Daily Review Crew Pick - 02/09/2005 Daily Feature - 02/09/2005 and -Weekly 4th Place - 02/09/2005.  Tell us what you thought of the movie in the Guest book.  We are really happy with the awards, first time we ever won weekly or review crew pick!


February 3, 2005:  Redoing Parts of the movie

Alright since we're submitting the movie on the 8th.  We have some what extra time to make the movie better, edit the movie more, make the fights better and longer.  Basically do what we can to make it awesome for you guys.  Perhaps It was a better strategy to submit it later, because we truly weren't satisfied or finished on time.  So on the 8th we will be ready.  Alright so that's it.


February 1, 2005:  Submission delayed

Oh My God! I'm so sorry, you know I know you guys are disappointed, so am I, we're both so angry. But know we learned from our mistakes. You know we planned out when to work on Chapter 7, but we slacked off here, and there until the last minute. I was rushing MaxR to finish but, it's hard work, and well we couldn't finish on time to submit it at 6:00 with is the final deadline for that night. Now being the end of the week, a new week starts, so we will have to submit it the following Tuesday 2/8/05. That gives us time to perfect the chapter. If we would have turned it in we wouldn't have finished the credits, and the split screen showing freeze, and Davis and his gang. So now we can have more time to look through the movie again and again to edit. I worked pretty hard this week too. I had to keep track of our opponents for this week. Now I have to do it again. Now I know a lot more about what sort of tactics to use. So hopefully we will submit it next Tuesday.


January 31, 2005:  Submission day tomorrow

Well friends, well fans, it all comes down to this!  Tomorrow with a few touch ups, and adjustments, we will finally be ready to submit our masterpiece Chapter 7 (War).  The chapter everybody including myself has been dying to finish.  It has been a long wait, you fans have stuck with us, been patient, and now it's time for us to repay you by presenting to you this chapter.  We owe it to the fans, because without you guys, our movies will be pointless.  So come tomorrow on my birthday 2/1/2005, as a birthday present to me, please vote 5, and let's pray we get the biggest and best award tomorrow!  


January 29, 2005:  Scene 4 1/2 finished, 70% complete.

So today we finished half of scene 4, scene four is a major battle between knights and monks, and everyone else.  There will be random fights, and it will show you how many people are fighting this big war.  Tomorrow we will finish up scene 4 hopefully. 


January 28, 2005:  Scene 4 Start, 65% complete.

Okay we finished scene 3, we're starting on scene 4.  We have about 4 seconds of it done.  So anyways it's going to be 4 minutes long the whole movie.  I'm having my birthday party on Saturday so we can submit it Tuesday.  That is what I know for know.  I'll know Saturday night what's up.  


January 27, 2005:  Scene 3 Start, 60% complete.

Alright! Finals is over, so we have a lot of extra time to work on Chapter 7.  It will be submitted Monday or Tuesday.  So if you don't want a deadly competition I suggest you submit your movies another day stay away from those 2 days.  If you know what's good for you.  I'm just kidding, dude just chill, just chill, yeah I'm talking to my self!  Wow we are getting a lot of views.  If your reading this news page please sign the guest book.  Who ever is helping my site by visiting ever day sign the guest book!  So let's talk about our movie right now.  So we have tomorrow which is Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and a bit of Tuesday to finish our chapter, we have Monday off from school.  Well so we are starting scene 3.   Louis Ex finally meets Woody and Henry's army.  Maybe a screen shot later tomorrow.  Check back soon!

January 26, 2005:  Scene 2 Completed, Estimate of 50% complete.

So during the finals week, we've been working on Chapter 7, and thinking of ideas for Chapter 8, it's taken a while because of the finals, and finding perfect music for the scenes.  We're halfway there, we plan to submit it somewhere next week!  Ummm I fixed the guest book now there is our logo in the results page of the guest book, and now I added a new row for me to respond to your comments.  I will respond to everyone of them starting from today.  Also know that I have the power to delete them too :).  Wow for some reason today we almost hit 5,000 views.  Just yesterday it was 4,600, how the hell did we get so many views?  Well who ever is helping us sponsor I thank you.  It must of been that html for the link to our site.

January 22, 2005:  New Page

I just added a new page Other Little Fighter Movies.  There I have all the Little Fighter Movies found on Newgrounds.  I'm not putting any trailers in there.  I have put the movies in order from highest scoring to lowest.  MaxR and I have personally rated the movies.  So if you have a movie from Newgrounds or anywhere else that haven't been posted here,  or if you want to removed your site, or change the picture or description of the movie e-mail me at AnzCorpSbc@yahoo.com  Also if you have any other questions, or anything e-mail me.  So far we have four movies on the page.

January 21, 2005:  Work Work

I don't know if MaxR is working on the movie because I haven't gotten a file sent to me for editing yet, so we'll find out tomorrow.  Hopefully he has finished scene 2.  There probably wasn't much more to do anyways for that scene.  Right now it's quite late and I'm tired, going to rest and watch some TV.

January 20, 2005:  Production of Chapter 7 (War)

We've finished scene 1 of course, just about to finish scene 2.  Scenes still have to be named, we have extras for the movie, you'll find out what the extras are when it comes out.  I'm going to edit the site and movie a bit more today.  Today I showed my web design class a bit of our website.  I also got a new screen shot on the previews page, you can enlarge the picture.

January 17, 2005:  New Banner & Chapter 7 Starts

As you can see from the home page or the picture above this page is our Little Fighter Alpha Banner.  Does it look nicer?  Feel free to save that picture and use it as your Newgrounds BBS signature picture.  Also if you go to the links page you'll notice a difference.  Now you can help sponsor our website by adding our banner to your links.  The html code is there all you got to do is copy and paste it to your website in html format.  We're starting Chapter 7 changed some dialog, and just did a little bit of the scene 2 fight.  Once more gets done I'll give you an estimate percent completed.

January 16, 2005:  Couple of major changes to site:

I added a website poll,  you can grade how good our site is by how much content we give you, you better give us an A.  We give you up to date information when we have the information to give.  Soon we will have even more links, more pictures, fan pictures.  I also added a nice corkboard, which is a forum basically on the forums page on our site.  It has General, Little Fighter Alpha, and Little Fighter Games.  You can talk about anything on the General, you can talk about our movie on the Little Fighter Alpha, and you can talk about any one of the Little Fighter games on the Little Fighter Games category.  We also got another new member, or an old member who just rejoined You is his name.  Hopefully soon I'll update you with news on our movie, besides our site.  The best I can do while we're all waiting is for me to fix up this site.  So can some one design a banner for our website?  Design it however you want but have our website www.lfmovies.8k.com on it.  Also I'm trying to find a new background for the fight scene or designing one on my own.

January 15, 2005:  New crew member

Today I just added a new member to our crew PyronX he used to be in our old crew, on the old site, he's made two little fighter trailers on Newgrounds, and a legend of little fighters chapter 1 on Newgrounds on  his new account.  That was a brief history of this crew member.  So he has some decent amount of flash knowledge.  Instead of competing with us since he also makes little fighter movies, he's deciding to join us. 

January 14, 2005:  No real updates yet

Thank god it's Friday.  Right now I think I got the hang of this website, this is a weird website provider you know?  Well I know how to change the background music, edit the html files that change the title names and stuff.  But I found a way to respond to your comments on the guest book.  So go ahead and write a comment, any questions, any ideas feel free to write it in the guest book we enjoy responding.  I know the time shown on the guest book might be wrong due to the time zone.  I'm trying to fix that soon.  Why isn't anyone even going to the Newgrounds forum?  I'm sure it will be packed once the chapter 7 is submitted.  Does anyone even view the news page?  If you view the news page then right in the guest book.  This news page is the only thing that mostly changes in this whole site.  I get an average of 20 views a day, maybe it's just me checking the hits, but no I don't check more than once a day.  The free server doesn't yet you see the statistics anymore for free.  So I guess I have to put a counter on every page.

January 12, 2005:  Update from MaxR

Just a few minutes ago MaxR just signed our guest book explaining the reason for the delay of Chapter 7 (War).  So here it is if you haven't viewed the guest book: 

Wow, you guys must really want to watch the 7th chapter, well I have my reasons for this long delay (compared to before, 1 movie every 2 weeks). The reason that the production of the LFA series has slowed down, is that my comp (which I bought 5 years ago) can't handle my new juicy effects, effects like raining that's make my comp lag and see it in slow-motion. Anyways the slow computer also is hard to make movies when its very laggy and takes forever to load stuff up! Well, say no more to that, starting next week, I'll work my ass off and repay all that I have done (or haven't done) and regain favor to my fans. I'll be getting a new laptop, so now I can even work even late. I hope you fans will not give up hope on chapter 7, yet.

Seems like a reasonable explanation, his computer couldn't handle all the cool new effects going on in chapter 7, so next week he promises to work his ass off.  I'm glad we still have some fans left, I'm sorry for the delay guys.  We're all sorry.

January 11, 2005:  New pages, working on movie soon

Have you guys noticed the two new pages recently added?  I added a downloads and forums page.  Hope you guys like that.  The downloads are links I found from the official www.lf2.net website that offers the downloads.  I am no way responsible for any virus, or any damage done to your system.  The forums is a Newgrounds forum, so keep posting so the topic could be on the very top.  MaxR claims he will start working on the chapter 7 in a week once he gets his laptop.  We'll just see then.

January 10, 2005:  New website Look

A lot is need to enhance this site to make it really nice.  First I'm thinking to add music because I know how.  I know a basic amount of web design.  I can go advance and make this whole website flash based.  Like all the buttons aren't pictures but Macromedia flash type files.  Thus making it harder for people to copy our buttons, but why would they anyways?  I think it makes the site a lot cooler.  You ask but what if people don't have Macromedia?  Well then why are they even on this website?  All of our movies are Macromedia based files.  So what's the point of even being here?  I can even make the music on and off with a small Macromedia file music box.  I'm also thinking of changing the picture of the links and guest book into something related to little fighters and not our symbol of our account.  I need someone to design a banner for the website, and that also fits in the Newgrounds BBS so we can spread the website.  If you are interested in designing a banner for this website contact me at: mailto:anzcorpsbc@yahoo.com 

January 9, 2005:  New website Look

I've sort of changed the website so it looked a lot less messier, and a lot more professional.  I deleted the movies page, and made the spoilers page the movie page, because they are basically the same and they are even and not all over the place.  You can view the movies a lot easier on the movies page.  www.lfalpha.8k.com It should play all the chapters right there on the website.  If it doesn't work tell me please.  e-mail me at mailto:anzcorpsbc@yahoo.com I've added copyrights to reinforce our rights, and to protect it.  I might put links to other little fighter movies.  Course ours are still the best out there.  Sorry chapter 7 is coming out so late, but the best I can do is fix up this site, and maybe try to find a way to upload a preview on flash for you. 

January 8, 2005:  Lagging but still working

We've been busy at school so we're really lagging this chapter, it should be the best out of all the movies but man it's taking months aren't it?  What our old episodes would take the average of 3 weeks to finish.  E-mail MaxR the animator, and try to convince him to work again.  I'm just the editor of the movie. 

October 30, 2004:  Finishing Scene 2

We are just about to finish scene 2 of chapter 7, bat is fighting Louis and his army alone, it begins to rain hard.  40% complete, please sign the guest book.  Thanks.

October 28, 2004:  Back in action

Alright I've moved the updates to the top so it's easier to see now.  Max and I are talking about chapter 7, and we're back on the project.  We're now working on Chapter 7 War.  This chapter is going to be filled with special effects, and it's going to be big.  Our website has hit 2100 views, thanks y'all.

August 23, 2004: Back in action

I got in touch with MaxR, I started to edit the movies, the movies seem to be going pretty well.  We made a new menu, it's pretty cool, we took out the animation buttons, but we can always use it later if we want.  We got 2 more members, pretty high level members :).  They if you want to join contact me.  I've reach 5,000 blam/protect lol barely.  Check out the new menu snapshot in the homepage.  Check back for updates tomorrow.


August 22, 2004: Slow

Well nothing really happened today or lately, we are 20% complete that is very slow compared to chapter 6, haven't seen MaxR on in a while.  Well I'm almost at a 5,000 blam/protection, I could of already been but I don't go on all day.

August 15, 2004:  Chilling

Today I haven't seen MaxR on either, maybe we don't go on at the same time anymore.  Well I guess today we'll just be chilling, until I get the information that we've completed more so I can update the percentage.


August 14, 2004:  Menu

Well I haven't gotten a chance to get in touch with MaxR, but I have been collecting a few voice samples from people, and I've asked a Newgrounds artist to try to design our new menu.


August 13, 2004:  Back in action Chapter 7

We're starting Chapter 7 now, wow I'm so excited.  We just finished cutting sprites, and we're already designing our new menu.  We're having a feel chances, big chances.  We're trying to experiment with voicing, I know you guys don't like reading much.  This chapter is going be really big I mean it, spoilers are coming soon.  Check back in a day or two.  Alright so if you want to try out for voicing for one of the characters.  Contact me by Aim: anzcorp, or e-mail: anzcorpsbc@yahoo.com.  Here send me a sample of your voice.  Try this:  Knight:'' You'll never beat me!''  Good luck.

August 12, 2004:  Unsure

MaxR the animator of the series isn't sure if wants to continue making the chapters, just because some chumps lol most likely our enemies are trying to put him down, and lower his confidence, don't let them bug you, we are immortal!  lol and what they were all newbies!! They barely signed up for Newgrounds and it's most likely some jealous bastard.

August 11, 2004:  2nd Place!

Our movie got a 2nd place!  Thank you all for voting, and for all your help and support.  Next chapter we're aiming for the daily award!  But we learned something today.  A great lesson.  Congrats to FF Director's cut, you beat us.  We got pretty good reviews but pretty less.  We respond to most of the reviews we get so take the time to review our movies.

August 10, 2004:  Submission day

We are just about done, and we're going to submit it to Newgrounds today.  Remember to vote, every vote counts, I'd like to thank all the fans for all your help, and support, I hope you like this chapter.

August 9, 2004:  Almost done

Sorry I haven't been on much today, I was really busy.  I was on but not at the same time as MaxR so I couldn't contact him, or help out.  I do vote everyday though, remember to vote everyday guys.  Wow! We're 75% complete already.  Well I'll try to go on tomorrow to try to finish up the chapter.  Hey you know you can always e-mail me I check every hour I'm online.

August 8, 2004:  Note to bastards

Today we're talking the day off, but we'll start again Monday.  Since I'm pretty sure our enemies are reading our news daily, here is a message to them.  Alright I don't know which bastard, or bastards is lowering our scores every day for no reason but for your own enjoyment, but it seems I've always over power all your damages.  So quit wasting your time.  I wrote this all down last night, and there are far more worst I could of said, but I'm not going to waste my time either.  Oh yes for all of you waiting for a new screenshot of the movie, check it out on the homepage.  That's about all I'm showing you guys, maybe the menu but that's it.  I don't want to spoil it too much for you guys.

August 7, 2004:  Half way through

Been pretty busy today, so we didn't do too much, we have gotten 50% complete, we worked on the menu, giving it a cooler look to it.  The fight scene with Deep has started 10 seconds.  Hey I'm pretty sure every one has enemies.  I bet this website is just perfect for them, they get to see our every move.  So from now on I'm only giving the detailed information to highly trusted crew members.  Anyone can sign up so I can't give detailed information to just anyone.  Earn our trust, and respect, and you'll soon be there.

August 6, 2004:  New pages

You might of noticed there are 2 extra WebPages on this site.  That's because I'm thinking of changing our original movies page into a crew member page, so we can fit 18 crew members.  I've also made a staff members page.  So that we don't' have to be in the crew members page.  We will replace the original movies page with a new crew members page, if we get too many new members.  So we can keep the new movies page, and delete the current crew members page.  Also the new movies page can fit 14 movies, so that is just about enough.  No updates on movies yet, because I haven't seen MaxR on today.

August 5, 2004:  Fight scene complete

We've finished the fight scene with the bandits, and hunters, and the new characters are introduced.  We're now working on the Deep fight scene.  We're now 40% complete!


August 4, 2004: New changes to site

I've been working on the site a lot, and getting new members, remember if you want to join e-mail me.  I've fixed the Guest Book it's now up and running.  I also fixed other pages with bugs.  Members of the crew get spoilers, and remember to vote each day.  I'm thinking of fixing the movie descriptions.  At this moment it's just the author's commentary.


August 3, 2004: Battle Scene

We're working on the battle scene some more, and we have 2 more new members.  We are still accepting more members so e-mail me.


August 2, 2004: New member and more work

We have a new member to the crew Supersonic89


August 1, 2004: New member

We've been working hard on the episode, 15% complete, and hired a new writer. (FFVIII Lover123)


July 31, 2004: Work! Work!

We're having a meeting.  Starting animations.  9%


July 30, 2004: Working Hard

We're cutting our sprites, and fixing up the menu.  7%


July 29, 2004: Return of MaxR

MaxR has returned from his trip from china, and now we are starting on Chapter 6.  6% complete.  New improved Menus.

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